How Does Eating Avocados Can Provide Heart Health Benefits


Beware of the dangers of heart disease by eating nutritious foods rich in vitamins to maintain your health and, perhaps most importantly, your heart.

Besides being delicious, avocados also contribute in various ways to your health due to their vitamins and healthy fats. Beyond these advantages, studies have recently revealed that eating avocados is directly linked to a reduction in heart diseases, which makes avocados a heart-healthy fruit.

This blog post aims to go further into this subject, explain the nature of this relationship, and explain the advantages of eating avocados to avoid heart issues. Explore these fantastic benefits!

Avocado is a great food to help your heart

Based on an investigation published in the Journal of the American Heart Association (AHA), There is sufficient evidence to support the health benefits of avocados and plant-based fats. Based on the research article, Avocado consumption to the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases among US Adults, the authors assert that prevention of cardiovascular disease for the entire population can be by eating two or more avocados a week.

Additionally, the article also states that there are additional Avocado health advantages to take into consideration, for example:

  • Consuming two or more avocados each week is associated with fewer cardiovascular events by 16% over 30 years.
  • Consuming avocado in place of fat-rich foods could lower the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease.
  • Replacing certain animal products with equal amounts of avocado has been linked to a lower risk of experiencing cardiovascular events.
  • The higher consumption of avocados is associated with a lower risk of developing cardiovascular illness (CVD) and coronary heart disease (CHD).

Beyond being aware of the advantages of avocados, The study advises keeping in mind avocados are not a substitute for the other healthy fats from olives or nuts. It should be considered only as an alternative to substitute foods made from animal products that could be unhealthy due to their fat content.

Healthy recipes using avocados

Knowing that Hass avocados are great for your health doesn’t mean that all dishes made from the fruit can be considered healthy. Therefore, it is essential to utilize the freshest avocados in recipes to preserve their vitamins and healthy fats.

 We recommend that you:

Juices and smoothies that are low in sugar.

– Salads.

– Sushi.

– Avocado toast.

– Bowls that are balanced.

– Guacamole.

Naturally sweetened and based on fruit Ice creams.

Once you know the advantages avocados can bring to your health and heart, we invite you to eat only the best. Balancing between delicious taste, respect for the environment, and environmental awareness is essential to get the best avocado.

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