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Discover the Best Feeding Tubes for Sale in Dubai, UAE

MedWorldTrade of Dubai, UAE, stands out as an established provider of high-quality feeding tubes that play an essential role in healthcare for patients who cannot consume their meals orally. Enteral feeding tubes come in various types to meet each patient's individual needs in healthcare systems worldwide.  

The Medworld Trade provides different types of feeding tubes:

  • Bicakcilar Feeding Tube: This versatile enteral feeding tube was created to adapt to individual patient requirements and is ideal for delivering essential nutrition to those who have different dietary needs. Its adaptability makes it an invaluable asset.
  • MIC Gastrostomy Feeding Tube: Patients seeking long-term nutritional assistance can rely on the MIC Gastrostomy Feeding Tube's reliability in providing essential nourishment that maintains health.
  • MIC-KEY Continuous Feed Extension Set: Created specifically to facilitate continuous feeding in various healthcare settings, this extension set offers convenience and precision when providing nutrition delivery. Healthcare professionals can fine-tune feeding processes to meet individual patient requirements.
  • MIC-KEY Low-Profile Gastrostomy Tube with SECURE-LOCK: This discreet and comfortable gastrostomy tube ensures discreet yet secure feeding for patients and features SECURE-LOCK technology to secure its placement while reducing complications and risks associated with its use.

How to Use a Pump With Your Feeding Tube: The steps are: 

  • Setting Up the Pump: Begin by setting up your feeding pump, making sure it is clean and in working condition before connecting a feeding bag to it.
  • Connect the Tube: Connect your feeding tube securely with the feeding bag, making sure there are no kinks or obstructions within its length.
  • Programming the Pump: Entering the Feed Rate and Duration into the Programming Interface of the Pump is the first step toward accurate nutrition delivery. Double-check these settings regularly to maintain precise delivery.
  • Launch Feeding: Once the pump is programmed, begin feeding. It will deliver nutrition at an exact rate to provide controlled and consistent doses to patients.
  • Maintain Regular Cleaning and Maintenance: For optimal performance of a feeding pump and tube system, regular cleaning and maintenance must take place to reduce infections and ensure its functionality. Be sure to follow any manufacturer-specified cleaning and maintenance protocols when undertaking this process.
  MedWorldTrade's selection of feeding tubes and pumps exemplifies dedication to innovation and patient-centric design, meeting the diverse needs of Dubai's advanced healthcare system while upholding MedWorldTrade's high standards for quality and care. Healthcare providers should assess not only the price of feeding tubes but also whether our enteral feeding tubes can work with an enteral feeding tube adapter. Our focus on safety, reliability, and comfort ensures these feeding tube prices and pumps play a pivotal role in improving patients' quality of life through enteral nutrition delivery.