ABN REGAL WALL – The Swivel Wall Clock Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

575.00 AED

ABN REGAL WALL ABN REGAL WALL is a type of monitor for blood pressure made to be mounted on the wall. It comes with a clock-like dial gauge and an inflation bulb that can manually adjust. The cuff can wrap around the stethoscope’s upper arm to monitor blood flow through an arterial. The user can manually inflate the cuff with the bulb to a specific pressure and then let off the pressure slowly while listening to blood flow through the artery using a stethoscope. The dial that looks like a clock on the sphygmomanometer indicates diastolic as well as systolic values of blood pressure. The swivel mechanism in the mount for wall use permits it to be adjusted to various angles for ease of use and precise readings. It is an excellent device for non-clinical or clinical settings in which the patient has to check blood pressure.