540.00 AED

Suppose you’re searching for the most potent portable portability and power. In this case, the Premium Fetal Doppler made by BabyHeart comes with more benefits and features than other dopplers on the market and is favored by obstetricians, midwives, and mothers daily.
This Premium Fetal Doppler by BabyHeart provides many more benefits and features than the other dopplers available on the market, offering the finest in hand-held portability and performance. It’s a trusted choice for midwives, obstetricians, and mothers, just like you, providing peace of mind for each use.
You can hear your baby’s heartbeat from at least 16 weeks using the built-in loudspeaker with high definition that is guaranteed not to emit any sounds. The LCD will not only show your baby’s heart rate during fetal development but also shows it in an easy-to-read graph that displays the frequency of your infant’s heartbeat.
This Premium Fetal Doppler by BabyHeart is robust, has a waterproof Probe, and is reliable with an ultrasound dosage of less than 50 percent of the industry standard. The additional features make it the most cost-effective for money. It will guide you throughout your pregnancy and provide peace of mind whenever you need it.
Our top-quality Fetal Doppler is medical-grade and is suitable for use by doctors and FDA certified.