Heine K180 Ophthalmoscope in Nylon Pouch

2,900.00 AED

The Heine K180 Ophthalmoscope is an ophthalmoscope that is a full-size, black and red canvas pouch. K180 Ophthalmoscope is available in the standard model with an aperture wheel and a soft pouch BETA4 USB charge handle that includes the USB cord and an electrical power source.

  • Optics with dust protection to ensure maintenance-free usage
  • Apertures are slit and red-free, as well as fixation of target, small and large spots
  • 28 lenses ranging from 35D up to +20D
  • Multi-coated optics cut down on the effects of UV and IR
  • Form-fitting and comfortable orbital rest
  • Aspherical optics provide a fantastic image but with reduced corneal reflexes
  • 2.5v Halogen illumination using the standard N handle for batteries (included)