Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blade – MacIntosh

600.00 AED

Welch Allyn MacIntosh Laryngoscopes:

The Welch Allyn Fiber-optic Laryngoscope Blade MacIntosh is a blade with a handle for observing the larynx while intubating. The blade’s edge is an optical light source that provides an unobstructed, bright vision of the larynx. It can aid in positioning the tube for endotracheal tube–the blade inside the operating room in the emergency department and other critical care settings.

A design has a gentle curvature that is continuous from the point to the proximal edge. The angle of the vallecula, as well as the blade, is lifted, in turn elevating the epiglottis. Welch Allyn modified the MacIntosh blades by reducing the proximal blade height. It creates a lower profile, which is helpful when intubating patients with limited access to the oral cavity.