Wheelchair Accessibility in the UAE: Finding Your Perfect Match

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  • Dubai isn’t just the city with architectural splendors and bustling markets; it’s also an example of inclusion, providing advanced mobility options for those who require wheelchairs. 
  • If you’re looking for an electric, manual pediatric or sports models, Dubai’s range of options accommodates every requirement making sure you are able to enjoy all the wonders of Dubai.

Manual Wheelchairs: Embrace Active Mobility

  • Manual wheelchairs are still a preferred option for those living in Dubai for those who appreciate the simplicity of their design and active mobility. 
  • They are available in various models with ultra-lightweight models which allow easy transport to sporting wheelchairs designed for those who are athletically adept. 
  • Perfect for those who have upper body strength, the manual wheelchairs made by Medworld Trade allow for personal freedom and allow people to move around cities’ crowded environments at the pace of their choice.

Electric Wheelchairs: Experience Effortless Navigation

  • Electric wheelchairs are a contemporary and easy method of exploring Dubai. They are equipped with cutting-edge features, like intuitive controls, tilting seats that can be adjusted, as well as elevation features, these types of wheelchairs offer the ultimate user experience. 
  • Medworld Trade offers a selection of electric wheelchairs ideal for covering larger distances across Dubai’s sprawling areas, from its sprawling shopping malls, to its stunning parks. They are all free of any physical effort required for manual wheelchairs.

Lightweight Wheelchairs: The Versatile Choice

  • If you are always moving around, light wheelchairs in dubai make a great option for Dubai and across the UAE. 
  • Built from aluminium, these types are can be a breeze to manoeuvre but also have durability. They’re especially suitable for those who are active and needing a chair which can cope with the fast-paced life.

Heavy Wheelchairs: Stability Meets Durability

  • The heavy wheelchairs in uae are incredibly stable and supported. They’re made of strengthened materials like steel that can allow for greater weight capacities. In Dubai and in the UAE 
  • These chairs are highly sought-after due to their sturdy construction and provide the most reliable mobility option to those who require additional assistance.

Paediatric Wheelchairs: Support for Young Adventurers

  • Dubai’s commitment to inclusion extends to the youngest of its explorers with a specially designed selection of paediatric wheelchairs in dubai. 
  • These are not smaller versions of adult-sized wheelchairs and are specially designed with features that can be adjusted to suit the growth of children. 
  • With Medworld Trade, you can discover a variety of pediatric chairs which promise to help your child’s need to be independent, so that your child’s participation in everything Dubai offers to its visitors.

Sports Wheelchairs: Unleash Competitive Spirit

  • If you’re looking to participate in sport, Dubai offers specially designed sporting wheelchairs, which combine light materials that are agile in their mobility. 
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s tennis, basketball, or race, these wheels are designed to boost athletes’ performance and enable them to be at their peak. 
  • Take a look at the variety of these for sports on Medworld Trade and embrace the sporty spirit that Dubai’s diverse sport community encourages.

Customizable Wheelchairs: Personalised for Your Lifestyle

  • Understanding the specific demands of each individual needed person, Dubai also offers customizable products. 
  • They can be designed to suit specific needs in everything from the design of the frame, to the practicality of the seats and controls. 
  • With Medworld Trade, you can make a wheelchair that doesn’t solely meet your mobility needs but also expresses your individual style and preferences, making an ideal fit with the lifestyle you live in Dubai.


  • Dubai’s focus on accessibility and mobility is apparent by its broad selection of options for this equipment. They’ve been created to ensure that every person can move around the city in comfort and ease. 
  • Medworld Trade is your best source to boost your mobility within Dubai. Check out their options right now and make the first step toward an independent and satisfying living in the city of a million people.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the purpose of a wheelchair in a hospital?

It provides mobility, postural support and freedom to those who cannot walk or have difficulty walking, enabling them to move around, participate in everyday activities and live life on their own terms

What are the needs of wheelchair users?

The needs of each wheelchair user will vary. However, they all need an appropriate wheelchair. Every well-fitting them provides the user some postural support. The backrest, cushion, footrests and armrests all provide postural support when adjusted to suit the wheelchair user’s size.

Which patients use wheelchairs?

This is one of the most commonly used assistive devices to promote mobility and enhance quality of life for people who have difficulties in walking.

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