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Leading Supplier of Irrigation Syringes in Dubai, UAE - Quality & Reliability

Med World Trade, a top medical equipment supplier based out of Dubai, UAE, offers an exceptional range of irrigation syringes at an excellent value - such as the AVANOS Enteral Syringe with ENFit Connector (Sterile) and Catheter Tip Feeding Syringe/ Irrigation Syringe 60ML models that ensure patient care is performed safely and effectively. These products ensure optimal safety and efficiency.

Syringe Irrigation Syringes play an integral part in healthcare.

Irrigation syringes play an essential role in medical practices, particularly wound care and surgery procedures. Their use ensures thorough wound cleansing, medication administration, and clear visibility during surgeries by clearing away bodily fluids and debris that obstruct view - this not only prevents infections but also speeds healing.

Products offered:

Med World Trade offers an exceptional selection of irrigation syringes that combine quality and functionality, such as two of their top products:
  • The AVANOS Enteral Syringe with ENFit Connector Sterile: It is specifically designed for enteral feeding and medication administration. The ENFit connector ensures secure connections, reducing the risk of misconnections. Furthermore, its sterile nature guarantees safety and hygiene during sensitive medical procedures.
  • Catheter Tip Feeding Syringe/ Irrigation Syringe, 60 ML: Perfect for both feeding and irrigation needs, this multifunctional syringe features an ergonomic catheter tip for simple and efficient application. With a 60 ML capacity that meets various medical requirements, this is a popular choice among healthcare professionals.

Features of Med World Trade Irrigation Syringes:

  • Sterility and Safety: Ensuring maximum patient safety through single-use designs.
  • Versatility: Perfect for medical applications from wound care to surgical assistance. User-Friendly Design: Making life easy with simple operations and comfortable handling syringes.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with high-grade materials to deliver reliable performance.
  • Affordability: Offered at competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Applications in Medical Settings.

Applications Across Medical Settings:

Med World Trade's irrigation syringes, including those featured here, are widely used across hospitals, clinics and home healthcare settings. Their versatility makes them essential tools in wound care, surgical procedures and dental treatments - further underscoring their usefulness for modern healthcare environments. Med World Trade has made clear its dedication to providing top-quality irrigation needle tips through its products. Their offerings of the AVANOS Enteral Syringe with ENFit Connector, Sterile and Catheter Tip Feeding Syringe/Irrigation Syringe 60ML are prime examples of their commitment to efficient, safe, cost-effective patient care - reflecting Med World Trade's goal of raising healthcare standards across Dubai and beyond. Efficient Online Ordering and Quick Delivery.